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【影片名称】:夜晚性幻曲 Fievres Nocturnes 1977 (经典复古情色稀缺资源 高清修复收藏版)

    幻想他引人入胜楼下的邻居,虽然他的幻想偶尔变成噩梦涉及他的安全帽同事多米尼克。一个特别奇怪,狂暴,序列不由任何更大的金额观看一些慢动作,战斗伴随着普通 '激发' 萨克斯音乐而不是更大数量险恶的音乐,但整部影片是一大令人费解的旅行在任何情况下,所以观众更优秀了准备更大数量远出的场景。 醒来时,却发现他漂亮的金发妻子 (虽然她是没有林青霞) 发挥的厄休拉白。显然他们的婚姻正处于困境,与他生活在一个梦幻世界的自己的制作期间,这个宝贝,杰妮,已采取同一性别 (作为莲座丛莉莉 ) 的情妇。点林青霞在一家书店,开始幻想一次更大数量。,嗯,射液排出是大多数肯定是一场梦 !然后那个家伙回家到幻想自己与他的妻子分享林青霞。至少那家伙绝对没有忘记他的丈夫。作为回报,这宝贝已安排约见精神科医生,夫人加布里埃 ,成熟的女人,谁非少性生活中解放出来 (或者应该是潇洒) 象其他人一样 ︰ 这个宝贝让他爱抚她的胸部期间那家伙告诉她他的苦恼。自然而然地,这家伙早已进入 一次更大的金额,这个时候同样包括收缩的女仆,期间她的雇主接收来看看

      ean-Louis Vattier fantasies about his fascinating downstairs neighbour, Brigitte Lahaie, although his fantasies occasionally turn into nightmares involving his hard hat co-worker Dominique Aveline. One particularly strange and furious sequence is not made any greater amount watchable by some slow motion fighting accompanied by the ordinary 'arousing' sax music instead of greater quantity menacing music, but this whole film is one large incomprehensible travel in any case, so the viewer had more excellent prepare for greater quantity far out scenes. Pierre awakes to discover his nice-looking blonde wife (although she's no Brigitte) played by Ursula White. Obviously their marriage is in trouble, with him living in a dream world of his own making during the time that this babe, Janine, has taken a paramour of the same sex (Liliane Lemieuvre as Rosette). Pierre spots Brigitte in a book store and starts to fantasize one time greater quantity. The, erm, cumshot discharged is majority definitely a dream! Then that guy goes home to fantasy about himself sharing Brigitte with his wife. Well at least that guy hasn't absolutely forgotten about his husband. In return, this babe has arranged an appointment with a psychiatrist, Madame Gabrielle Dullan, an mature lady, who non the less is as sexually liberated (or should that be unrestrained) as everybody else: this babe let's him caress her bosom during the time that that guy tells her his woes. Naturaly, this guy drifts off into Lalaland one time greater amount, this time likewise including the shrink's maid, during the time that her employer receives to see.